Research, sortof

Research is a crucial part of the process of creation.  However, it is something that I never really enjoyed.  When looking to research a specific type of art I’ll go to my favorite search engine,  This is a search engine, but a sort of random one at that.  By typing “painting” into the search bar a list of current and past painters is brought up that I can search through.  For example, when looking for images of blurred painting I searched “blurred painting” and several artists came up.  By hitting the “stumble” button you can randomize the list of results and browse at all of the new artists you have just discovered.  When I find an artist that seems relevant to what I’m working on I google them first to find out if they have a website and where their work has been exhibited.

I’m aware that this method of research is not the most direct, but I’m not a person who enjoys the methodical and straightforward.

Some more distinguished magazines that I also like to look at often are Art in America, Artnet (online magazine) and Art Forum (this one is mainly for the pictures).  If I find something of interest like a show or an artist then I’ll do further research on them online, but these magazines are good starting points.


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