Studio Work

I’m currently in an Intro to Intaglio Printmaking studio and before I took the class I didn’t really understand what intaglio printmaking was, in all honesty.  I have attached a youtube video down below that explains it pretty well.  So far I have done a line etching plate and an aquatint and I am currently working on mezzotint, which is a non-acid technique.  I chose snakes for my first plate because I thought the patterns and linework that they have to offer would make excellent subject matter for the medium.  I still am not sure that I’m finished with my first plate however, because I have re-etched it three different times and there are still things that I’d like to change.  The second plate with the dog didn’t work out as planned because I don’t feel I understood the effect of aquatint.  Initially I wanted to incorporate the blurred effect into my printmaking by having a dog running.  Ultimately, it looks like this dog is swimming.  So even though it wasn’t exactly a success there was much that I learned from this piece.  The third plate that I’m working on is still in the early stages so there are no prints to show yet.  The subject matter is a snake because I feel that there are many interesting ways to arrange the textures.



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