Collage the Right Way

by joe webb


I’ve been looking at a lot of collage artists and Joe Webb has really been catching my eye lately.  By deleting one figure he really makes a statement about the work.  I like how simple and clean his works are making the viewer focus on a part of the image that wouldn’t normally catch their eye.  For example, in this image above normally the viewer looks at the man’s expression and his embrace but here the focus is brought to the woman’s body and expression.


The Things Between Us

For my advanced drawing class I have chosen to continue working with the collage medium.  The focus of my current and future works will be the relationships that exist between people.  I think that people are amazing creatures and it fascinates me how we make connections with one another whether it’s a brief interaction of a relationship with a family member, there is an invisible thing that is created.  After my first critique it was suggested to me to find the beauty in ugly relationships such as divorce.  Another suggestion was to leave the people completely out of it and just leave the “things” that are the relationships.  Here is the beginning of what I think will be a long exploration:


This first collage is meant to depict a man contemplating suicide having an out of body experience watching himself from a window of another building.  The figure at the bottom exists outside of the faux wood frame that I created from textured paper.  Also, in person you can see that the figure standing on the building is made from comics with a thin layer of black watercolor over it.  I made this figure out of comics because I thought that it would be ironic to  have a gloomy figure mentally in such a dark place have the facade of humor.


The second collage was based off of the concept of a girl concocting these ideas and dreams to forget the abusive relationship that she has with her parents.  I don’t feel that this one was as successful as it was in my sketches and may re-do this one in the future.


My most recent collage is based on a little girl who is fighting with her sock monkey.  In this one and the previous one I worked to create physical shapes symbolizing the relationships.  Although sock monkeys aren’t actual people, they often are to kids who play and converse with them.  I also experimented with the idea of removing the characters in a style similar to collage artist Joe Webb.