Kaleidoscope Vision


Finished that small sketch I started a few weeks ago.  This one’s only 8″ x 10″.


Unimaginable Forms

Last Week I watched a TED talk (TED stands for Technology, Education and Design) by a guy named Michael Hansmeyer.  It was interesting because he was working with algorithms to create unimaginable shapes on the computer. He would then bring the shapes to life based off of these computer models.  It got me thinking about the shapes and forms I use as models in a very different way.  The link to the video is below, enjoy!


Ted Talk-Michael Hansmeyer

Tourist Work



These are four of six collages that I did today in my studio.  They are composed of different pieces of photographs that I took and cut paper with graphite on top.  I made these because my professor suggested that I re-evaluate the shapes and geometric forms that I pass by every single day.  He asked me to take pictures of DAAP’s architecture, to capture all of the angles that interest me.  After doing this I made lots of copies and quickly assembled these collages.  In doing this I was able to create new shapes and forms that are very complex.  There are two or three that I am pleased with and am going to base paintings off of them in the future.


Although I looked like a tourist photographing the building I’ve practically lived in for years, the experience allowed me to see things differently.  I think that it might not be so important to me to have significant meaning to the shapes that I create, but it is more amusing for me to continually reinvent these shapes and warp them.



Building Blocks


I’m going to continue making geometric paintings but I am now exploring my options on how to go about it.  If you can remember, I made a few geometric sculptures from bristol paper in the spring.  I have decided to begin with a canvas and attach these geometric shapes to it so they will appear to be emerging from it.  I haven’t worked out all of the details with the materials yet but I’ll get there.

What’s Working


I started this small piece last week and returned to it today in my studio.  However, the more I worked on it the more confused I became about what direction I was going in so I decided to take a step back from it.  I like the effect of slicing into these shapes with sharp lines but I don’t think that the existing lines are working.  Today I tried something different by smudging a few of the lines.  I’ve decided that what was most effective about my earlier works was the oversaturation of linework that created new shapes over the already existing painted dimensions.  In conclusion, I’ll be revisiting this later in the week.

For now I plan on creating new paper models to work from.  I would also like for these models to have more meaning and consequently provide me with paintings with more substance.