Sculptural Canvas

Right now I’m working on carving foam forms and adhering them to a canvas to create a 3d surface which I will then create geometric paintings on.  Once I have attached the foam forms and sanded them down I’ll gesso over them and then paint over that.  My inspiration for this piece is a building that my Abuelo (grandfather) and uncle designed.  I know the building as our family lakehouse but it’s referred to as Casa Del Lago.  By looking at his modern architecture I can come up with forms, break them down and warp the shapes.  I like that the initial form that I begin to work with and manipulate has a close personal meaning to me.

Below is the link to their architecture firm’s website, which has images of the lake house on it.  This piece is also considerably larger than my previous pieces (about 48×32) so it is more labor intensive but I’m finding that I’m more satisfied with the results thus far.  I am working on carving smaller detailed shapes into the foam in the top right corner but only have the rough shape of the foam in the lower right corner.