From the Beginning


Started laying down the base coat of acrylic paint today.  All that time spent building my canvas really seems to be paying off so far!


Pop of Inspiration

LA based artist, Pae White, made these exquisite porcelain popcorn pieces that are lined with a gold glaze. I’m loving that the forms are organic but expressive at the same time.  I found her work on The Jealous Curator Blog.

Frank Stella


Frank Stella is an artist that I have been looking to a lot lately.  My painting professor pointed the similarities out to me between his work and my work.  After his observation I picked up the book Frank Stella: Painting into Architecture to look more into the essence of his paintings.


Stella had a desire to go beyond the limits imposed by a two-dimensional frame.  He made reliefs in which his paintings extended from the canvas.  A line that I particularly was drawn to was “Stella is preoccupied with the space created by three-dimensional objects at least as much as with the objects themselves.”  I can relate to his desire to depict the three-dimensional without moving into the realm of sculpture.  It’s an exploration of space that I find as a common ground between me and Stella.  I believe that making artwork should always have a sense of new discovery and playfulness.

Building My Canvas


I’m still in the process of constructing my canvas out of installation foam.  I carved the foam and then used wood filler to smooth out the jagged edges and surfaces of the foam.  I’m not in the process of sealing off the foam forms with gesso.  This is a lot more labor intensive than I thought because each shape needs several coats of gesso and has to have an even coat.  I’m encouraged by the result and am looking forward to adding additional dimensions when I paint over it with oils.