Kirsten Hassenfeld

Kirsten Hassenfeld is an artist that I found through the Jealous Curator blog.  Her installations are stunning and completely made out of paper, they really transform spaces.



Jonas Gerard

Jonas Gerard is a Moroccan born artist who is self-taught.  These are acrylic paintings but he does 3d work as well as silk screen printing.  Although he’s an abstract painter he creates a space that the viewer feels they can dive into.  I admire the immense dimension and depth of  his work.  The forms that are created remind me of Dale Chihuly’s glasswork.

You can see more of his work at his website:


Catherine Ulitsky

I found this artist Catherine Ulitsky.  I particularly enjoyed her photos of flocks of starling birds on which she painted geometric shapes.  In her statement she says that she wants to show the flock as a “faceted geometric shape”, something that I can certainly appreciate.  Check out the link below to go to her website and view more of these wonderful photographs.