Lotus Geometry

Geometric Prints

The above image is a few different color options of a print that I recently put together.  I’m working on making more complex prints that have more depth and layers.  I also am working on improving my pattern repeat.  This pattern is made up of two different sketches that I created.  The geometric form was sketched on my iPad in the app Sketch Pro and the lotus was created by hand in india ink.  I wanted to experiment with my idea of deconstruction overlapping with a study of the natural environment.  I think that the organic curves of the petals makes the abstract form look especially angular and graphic.


Natural Deconstruction

Natural Deconstruction

After taking roughly the last year off from painting and focusing on pursuing textiles, I decided to get back to painting.  This painting is done in gouache and is a continuation of my senior thesis and the idea of deconstruction.  Through the use of line I was able to dissect the organic forms of gingko leaves transforming them into geometric and more architectural shapes.

Jonas Gerard

Jonas Gerard is a Moroccan born artist who is self-taught.  These are acrylic paintings but he does 3d work as well as silk screen printing.  Although he’s an abstract painter he creates a space that the viewer feels they can dive into.  I admire the immense dimension and depth of  his work.  The forms that are created remind me of Dale Chihuly’s glasswork.

You can see more of his work at his website: http://www.jonasgerard.com/



My most used technique in my artwork would have to be the layering of colors.  I like having a heavy application of color to create a depth in the piece.  When working with acrylic paint I use several layers of paint to create textures and dimensions that I love.  I use unexpected colors in the layers, like using shades of blues when creating the contours of a face.  When using my favorite dry medium, oil pastel, I pile on the colors and when the surface gets too slick I scrap off excess pastel with an xacto knife blade.  I also use a blade to blend the colors together when they get really thick.  Sometimes I think of myself as a color fanatic, I can’t choose just one color so I need to combine them all to get the perfect hue.