Lotus Geometry

Geometric Prints

The above image is a few different color options of a print that I recently put together.  I’m working on making more complex prints that have more depth and layers.  I also am working on improving my pattern repeat.  This pattern is made up of two different sketches that I created.  The geometric form was sketched on my iPad in the app Sketch Pro and the lotus was created by hand in india ink.  I wanted to experiment with my idea of deconstruction overlapping with a study of the natural environment.  I think that the organic curves of the petals makes the abstract form look especially angular and graphic.


Tourist Work



These are four of six collages that I did today in my studio.  They are composed of different pieces of photographs that I took and cut paper with graphite on top.  I made these because my professor suggested that I re-evaluate the shapes and geometric forms that I pass by every single day.  He asked me to take pictures of DAAP’s architecture, to capture all of the angles that interest me.  After doing this I made lots of copies and quickly assembled these collages.  In doing this I was able to create new shapes and forms that are very complex.  There are two or three that I am pleased with and am going to base paintings off of them in the future.


Although I looked like a tourist photographing the building I’ve practically lived in for years, the experience allowed me to see things differently.  I think that it might not be so important to me to have significant meaning to the shapes that I create, but it is more amusing for me to continually reinvent these shapes and warp them.