Natural Deconstruction

Natural Deconstruction

After taking roughly the last year off from painting and focusing on pursuing textiles, I decided to get back to painting.  This painting is done in gouache and is a continuation of my senior thesis and the idea of deconstruction.  Through the use of line I was able to dissect the organic forms of gingko leaves transforming them into geometric and more architectural shapes.


Unimaginable Forms

Last Week I watched a TED talk (TED stands for Technology, Education and Design) by a guy named Michael Hansmeyer.  It was interesting because he was working with algorithms to create unimaginable shapes on the computer. He would then bring the shapes to life based off of these computer models.  It got me thinking about the shapes and forms I use as models in a very different way.  The link to the video is below, enjoy!


Ted Talk-Michael Hansmeyer