Winter Blooms


Above is an acrylic painting that I recently started working on. This started out as an old painting that I began a few years ago.  It was of a still life of painted plastic but was lacking contrast.  I wanted to keep with the same theme of a still life but contrast the man made form with the natural form of the flower.  Stay tuned for more updates!


Natural Deconstruction

Natural Deconstruction

After taking roughly the last year off from painting and focusing on pursuing textiles, I decided to get back to painting.  This painting is done in gouache and is a continuation of my senior thesis and the idea of deconstruction.  Through the use of line I was able to dissect the organic forms of gingko leaves transforming them into geometric and more architectural shapes.

Constructing My Canvas…Again

For my thesis final exhibit I want to build a canvas and paint on it, much like I did in my previous larger piece, but I want this to be more three dimensional and stretching out further across the wall.  I’m not sure if you can tell but a canvas is hiding beneath the foam so I can easily hang this sculpture when it comes time for installation.  This piece is inspired by a seemingly infinite staircase in my family lake house.

Little Things

Lately I’ve been working on new large pieces while simultaneously working on small three dimensional pieces.  These small pieces inform the larger ones and are a surface that I can experiment on and try new techniques of paint application.  This particular piece has gone through at least five, probably more, total transformations.  It is difficult to photograph because the entire piece has a plastic like sheen to it since it’s covered in galkyd medium.  The picture below is a detail shot.



Jonas Gerard

Jonas Gerard is a Moroccan born artist who is self-taught.  These are acrylic paintings but he does 3d work as well as silk screen printing.  Although he’s an abstract painter he creates a space that the viewer feels they can dive into.  I admire the immense dimension and depth of  his work.  The forms that are created remind me of Dale Chihuly’s glasswork.

You can see more of his work at his website: